Book a Party

Interested in hosting a party? 

Hosting a paint party is easy, and you get rewarded! All you need is a large table and enough chairs for your guests! Hosts receive a special discount on their sign based on the number of guests at their party!

Book a date, invite your friends, put out some snacks, and get ready to have a fun evening painting!

Attend a Party

Interested in attending a party? 

Attending a Keep That Memory paint party is so much fun! Once you or your friend has booked a party, select a design and Keep That Memory will bring the wood, stencil, and paint to the host's location! Interested in a custom design? Please contact Nina from Keep That Memory, and she can design one for you!

Choose your design, wood color and any other custom options and get ready to paint your design!

Ready to select your design?

Keep That Memory will bring your sign and all supplies to the party location. The sign is nonrefundable. However, if you are unable to attend the event, Keep That Memory will provide a kit with all materials necessary to create the sign at your home.

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