3D Animal DP

This design measures 8x8" and will be added to a solid wood board. This is the perfect design for all children. The painter will select the paint colors to create a personalized animal wood sign. The painter can create a simple silhouette of the animal or add detail, if desired. 


This is a 3D design. The animal shape and name will be cut out from baltic birch. The painter will paint the shape and name. Then they will glue them to a solid pine board. An outline of the name and shape will be engraved on the board to help with placement of the design.


Please remember that each guest will be painting at the party, so please dress accordingly! The paint will come off your hands but not your clothes!


Age Recommendation - Any!


This party will take place at Deer Park Elementary. The supplies to make the sign will be provided at the party. This event is nonrefundable. If you are unable to make it, a DIY kit will be left at the school. The DIY kit will not include paint.


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