Create your own Home 8x24"

Create your own Home 8x24"

This is a create your own Home Sign kit! It includes the backing, frame, H, M, E and one shape for the 0. Each additional shape is $2.


The shapes, letters, backing and frame will NOT be painted or attached. You will need glue to attach the letters and frame and/or velcro to attach the shapes.


Each shape will come covered in a paper masking to help you paint the different sections.


I recommend using paint markers to paint the individual pieces 


*DIY Kits do NOT include paint!

The $40 price is for local pick up only. Keep that Memory will send you an email once your item is ready and place the item on her porch in Montclair. You are then responsible for picking up the item. Keep that Memory is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the product if you do not pick it up within 24 hours.

Please select "Ship it" if you would like the item shipped. If you do not select "Ship it," and you are not local, Keep That Memory will refund your purchase.